Sunday, April 24, 2016

Crash Comms

Tornados, hurricanes, earthquakes, solar storms, terrorism, power grid failures, or any catastrophic event can cause mass communication failures. All of these can occur without warning and put you and your family in the dark when it comes to contacting loved ones or getting the pulse of society around you. 

Imagine not being able to locate your kids. You last saw them when they grabbed their bags and ran out the door for school. A major catastrophic event occurred and there is no cell phone service. Land lines are down and traffic is at a standstill because of the panic in the area. What is the plan to determine the safety of your family? What is the plan to reconnect in person? 

Do you have a plan for your family in case the inevitable occurs? This site will begin to cover the necessities and the options for communication and safety. We live in a changing time and we must be prepared. In the days to come this site will begin to fill with information to aid you and your family. Check back frequently for more updates and information. 

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