Monday, April 25, 2016

The Possibility of an EMP

EMP stands for Electromagnetic Pulse. It is created as a result of a nuclear explosion or a non-nuclear e-bomb. The result of an EMP is an overload of electrical systems and electronic devices. These systems and devices usually do not survive an EMP. Circuits and systems must be replaced with new unaffected electronics and this can take some time. The result of an area that has been hit by an EMP looks like the stone age with little or no electrical or electronic capacity. (continued below...)

Recently some stories (WND) have surfaced claiming that North Korea has two nuclear satellites orbiting above the United States. The report states that these satellites have the potential of creating an EMP above the Earth's surface. Whether or not this is true, the subject of EMP's is something to take into consideration. EMP's can disrupt the normal operation of society. Without electricity there will be no trips to the grocery store, no evening meals at the Cracker Barrel, no running water, and no watching Survivor on Wednesday nights. This is a worst case scenario.

Electronic damage from EMP's is certainly a high risk as a pulse of electromagnetic energy can enter into any electrically connected item. EMP's can also damage any item that the pulse can reach by conductivity. It would be the same way as receiving a radio signal through an antenna. If the electromagnetic pulse can propagate into an electronic circuit by over the air conductivity the circuit can be damaged. Scientific test have proven radios with antennas longer than 30" are very suseptible to EMP's.

Many online theories take the damage created by EMP's much further than the evidence supports. So be careful what you read in the area of damage possibilities. For instance some say that an EMP will disable all automobile transportation. While an EMP can certainly damage the electronics in cars it really depends on the age and design of the automobile. Newer cars with fiberglass or plastic bodies are much more susceptible to damage because of their dense electronic control and lack of adequate shielding. Older cars with strong metal bodies and minimal electronics are at a much lower risk of damage. Maybe the used car lot is looking better all of the time.

Protection against EMP's are something the United States Deaprtment of Defense is actively testing. It is known that a sealed metal barrier is effective in protecting against EMP energy whereas wood, plastic, or fiberous materials offers little little or no protection. Ham Radio groups have trained in building what is known as a Faraday box for protecting valuable Ham Radio gear. Soon you will find detailed instructions for building a Faraday box on

There are a lot of myths concerning EMP's. The best thing to do is research and understand how an EMP can effect you .

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