Ham Radio

Kenwood Ham RadioHam radio, as most people have heard the term, is also known as Amateur Radio. It is a great hobby that encourages people to learn the basic skills of radio communication while at the same time giving them a foundation in electronics. While most people learn the basics and obtain an entry level license some are challenged to go all the way and earn their Extra Class license.

Depending on their license operators can talk across town or around the world. Equipment is affordable and easily obtained. There are also plenty of individuals who are willing to share their experiences and help newcomers to the hobby.

To obtain a license one must pass a written examination from an FCC question pool. Tests are given by volunteer examiners at various times throughout the year. Overall, the entry level license is easy to obtain and can be a great way to introduce one to the hobby that can provide effective communications in the event of an emergency.

Local and national clubs exist to join Ham Radio operators together to encourage advancement in the hobby. This page will start linking to various articles about the hobby, it's equipment, and ways people are using Ham Radio to prepare. Are you interested in getting your Ham Radio license? Additional information is coming in the next few weeks on this great hobby and how it can be used in emergency situations.

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